Presenting: The “collaborative art project” Webcam Tears which is really a Tumblr, featuring crying teenage girls who are really 20-something internet-famous seapunks. Sometimes.

“In a time where showing genitals on the internet is not shocking anymore, tears are a new form of pornography,” says fashion journalist Dora Moutot and she wants you to sob and snivel on webcam for her. She says she’s inspired by Laurel Nakadate’s piece 365 Days: A Catalogue of Tears, but I don’t blame Laurel. Does this Tumblr realize how mind-bogglingly meta it is?

It’s a blog of staged Internet crying semi-masquerading as real Internet crying, based on Nakadate’s staged Internet crying based on real Internet crying. Oh, my head.

There are a few submissions already, and many of them look like actual angsty teen girls, so get a salty whiff, you pervert. There’s an understated note of that “Am I Ugly?” artist con girl, but not quite that sad.