Have you had enough of a break from super-“Brooklyn,” kinda-racist television spectacular Girls yet? The show’s second season kicks off on January 13, and the new trailer just got released.

Surprise, it’s full of drama! Just like the lives of you and your friends, only with better lighting, with nicer apartments, and snappier dialogue!

Protagonist Hannah (Lena Dunham) gets back together with her questionably sane semi-ex-boyfriend Adam (Adam Sackler), who stands outside her apartment and basically admits to stalking her (hot?). Gallery-girl Marnie (Allison Williams) bones the totally unrealistic artist character from season one, who is more like an advertising bro or media type, from our experience. Jessa (the effervescent Jemima Kirke) continues her crazy, wacky marriage to a Williamsburg-dwelling tech dude and makes out with him in a moving car.

Notably, the new trailer doesn’t include any of the non-white cast additions to the new season, which includes Community (and indie rap) star Donald Glover. You’d think they’d take care to show a little more diversity, given the accusations that were made during the show’s first season and Dunham’s middling performance in a Fresh Air interview (I just write what I know, she says, which presumably does not include fleshed-out minorities).

Stay tuned as Adam possibly murders Hannah because he’s a psychopath, awkward couples have even more awkward sex, and people dance alone in their rooms. You know you secretly want to.