This is a glitch, a tightly wound pile of diacritic accent marks — essentially, a piece of digital “graffiti” that midly fucks up a Facebook page with its deformed text fontness, essentially “tagging” over parts of the page where there would usually be no text. At first, Laimonas Zakas’ art project Glitchr seems like fun, and fantasies of “vandalizing” this page or that seem like fun too, and then you realize it’s just a Facebook page to aggregate funky text blips, and it won’t even break the eye rape that is Timeline, and goddamn it. Rhizome says:

“Though Glitchr to some degree interrupts the normativity of the Facebook structure revealing what one can safetly get away with, its subversive aesthetics survive only as mirage in the desert of the Zuckerberg empire.”