Don’t put your disk in that hole! No, wait… do. F.A.T. artist and ANIMAL favorite Aram Bartholl and takes his Dead Drops — the freeshare USB slots installed into metropolitan crevices and holes, like the side of the New Museum — and remixes them with… DVD Dead Drop! Ta-da! Starting starting tomorrow, at any time, 24-hours a-day, bring a blank disc to the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria and burn yourself a digital art exhibition — “a collection of media, or other featured content curated on a monthly cycle by Bartholl or selected artists.”

DVD burners are becoming an outdated medium, so this is already slightly vintaged. Not quite as dated as paper materials or physical, tangible art… but… Woah, easy, Lyddite. We’re just preaching the truth here!

Here’s your serving for this month: (Eva & Franco Mattes), Constant Dullaart, Curating YouTube (Robert Sakrowski), Joel Holmberg, JODI, JK Keller, Olia Lialina, Jonas Lund, Rosa Menkman, Katja Novitskova, Niko Princen, Casey Reas, Evan Roth, Andrew Salomone, Borna Sammak, UBERMORGEN.COM

Eva & Franco Mattes contribution is Freedom, “Online performance in a war videogame in which Eva tries to make an artwork and pleads not to be shot, only to always meet a violent death.” That’s just a little taste. Go to the drop!

“DVD Dead Drop,” Aram Bartholl, Aug 16 – Sep 15, Museum of the Moving Image, Astoria, NYC