Look, there’s nothing wrong with prostitution in theory. So let’s ignore the prevaricating from Nic Kristof in the Times about how Backpage.com “appears to be” the biggest site for under-age sex trafficking in the U.S.–one example, however horrific, does not a trend make–and focus on the more hilarious revelation: Goldman Sachs is–or just was–a 16% stakeholder in the sexy classified ads site, which is primarily held by Village Voice Media.

Goldman Sachs was mortified when I began inquiring last week about its stake in America’s leading Web site for prostitution ads. It began working frantically to unload its shares, and on Friday afternoon it called to say that it had just signed an agreement to sell its stake to management.

“We had no influence over operations,” Andrea Raphael, a Goldman Sachs spokeswoman, told me.