It’s a story as old as time: a small town doyenne decides she’s made it as far as she can in her hometown and hops on a plane to make her way in New York City. And then every New Yorker gets out on their roof to wave her hello.

(Video/Photos: Joseph Schulhoff/ANIMALNewYork)

Today we’ll be gathering on the roof of the ANIMAL/Mother office here on 11th Avenue to watch the Space Shuttle Enterprise take her final flight atop a 747, buzzing the U.S.S. Intrepid on the Hudson river. And because we’re big nerds, we’ve got a camera rig set up to live stream the low altitude flyby as it happens. We’ll update this post as the camera comes online and we get final confirmation that our newest neighbor is making her transit today.

Here’s a street level angle with crowd reaction.

(Video: Tom Webster/ANIMALNewYork)

The stream is embedded below. The flyby happens around 14:45.

Space Shuttle DC
8:40 – OV101 sits on the tarmac at Dulles, ready to make her last flight, shot by @dcairports.

9:19 – Stream is live! It’s a little overcast, windy, and drizzling, but from what we hear OV101 is taxiing at Dulles, so it looks like this flight is on!

10:25 – It’s blustery but clear. A perfect day for a shuttle upskirt shot!