Graffiti Artists Begin Hurricane-Themed Mural on the Bowery

The Spain-born, Germany-raised, NYC-based graffiti twin duo HOW and NOSM started on a brand new mural on the Bowery today. They will be finished in four days, but can only work during a day, as the mural will be recede into the Land of post-Sandy Blackout Darkness.

The newest reincarnation of the wall is pre-dated by Lady Aiko’s salacious stencil collage, the calligraphics of Los Angeles’ RETNA, a wheatpaste collage by the Brooklyn duo FAILE, monochrome portraiture from French street artist JR, signature cartoon faces ofKenny Scharf that wer bombed repeatedly by REMO and companyTWIST, AMAZE and crew’s wall of tags, Shepard Fairey’s utterlytotally destroyed mural, a psychedelic vision by the Brazilian Os Gêmeos brothers and a whitewashing of a Keith Haring tribute.

(Photos: Amanda Tedeschi/Love NYC Style)