After years under a dictatorship, Myanmar formed a semi-civilian government in March of last year, and among the democratizing changes is the resurgence of street art. During the authoritarian regime, government and military surveillance was ubiquitous, and punishment was pretty severe. The more people-driven government has allowed for Myanmar citizens to express themselves on public walls in a way more familiar in, say, New York. One such street artist Aung, says “I realized I couldn’t say everything I wanted through art, but I could say it through graffiti.” These spray painted pieces comment on everything from continued censorship in the media to complaints about the widespread lack of access to electricity. The number of graffiti artists in Yangon, Myanmar’s capital, is estimated to be about 50, and among these artists there is an unwritten rule: schools, hospitals, and religious buildings are not to be touched. (Photo: Nyan Min/Flickr)