For years, Tory Bond has been feeding and looking after the colony of feral cats who live in an empty lot on Greenpoint’s India Street, but she’s afraid her job as kitty caretaker may be nearing its end. According to Bond, the cats, who roam all over the waterfront property, will have to relocate within six months or face euthanasia due to an impending three-building development on the site. She claims a man who did not reveal his name gave her the eviction notice last week, saying the existing building will be torn down and three 39-story towers will take its place.

However, Jonathan Bernstein, a managing member of Stiles LLC, which owns the lot, denies Bond’s story, saying “I have no idea when or if we’re going to start construction. I haven’t asked anybody to clear any cats. I don’t know who she’s talking to.”

The nameless cat evictor has stirred emotion on India Street. Some neighbors support the removal of the cats. Vishnu Ramlall, who lives next door to a cat colony on Franklin, told reporters “There’s cat mess all in my garbage, it smells, it stinks –– it’s not right.” Still, neighborhood cat enthusiasts have joined in Bond’s outrage. Local hairstylist Kristen Bretz said don’t they put it in their budget and build a shelter for the cats? You can’t just move them –– they’re not going to understand a memo.”