The new documentary Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters is opening soon at Film Forum, and if you don’t tear up by the end of the trailer, you don’t understand what it’s like to toil with your blood, sweat, tears, an army of a crew, bulldozers, elaborate sets, grandiose visions and the waning twilight… all for that single, perfect click.

Gregory Crewdson’s photographs are all “real,” all analog, immaculate, surreal, mysterious. They’re staged the way you stage a major film production. And then you see this sweet, slightly neurotic, deeply passionate medium-sized bear of a man lovingly directing locals of small-town Western Massachusetts and think, really? Yes, really. Really and truly. See him orchestrate reality according to his dreams. Looks like a damn solid doc.

Opening Oct 31 at Film Forum. In-person events on Nov 1 and 3.