Grotesque Kaleidoscopic Bodily Distortion Dreamscapes From Outer Space

12.18.12 Irina Dvalidze

A mouthful, we know, but that’s the only way to describe Pask D’Amico’s new animation L’Homme Grotesque. The almost 3 minute short is a product of a 123 day production, which the Italian animator was inspired to create following a batshit weird daydream about a mouth that spoke to him from the heart of the galaxy. If you think we’re kidding, check out the description from the video’s official vimeo page:

One day I dreamed a mouth that spoke to me from the heart of the galaxy. The geometric lines that composed it were fractals that intersected with a regular intervals. This voice was singing a Mantra in an unknown language: I did not understand the meaning of his words but I could snatch the essence of his voice. Informed me that the human was lifeform most anomalous of all the Cosmos:the perfection of the body, the mind irrationality and our false perception of time.

The video features kaleidoscopic visualizations of various body parts, which are initially indistinguishable, but paint an unforgettable picture soon enough. The “narrative” also includes various renditions of different clocks meant to comment on the falsehood of time, amongst other profound universal insights. Which we’re certain are completely mind blowing, once you get past D’Amico’s oral fixation that is.