Guess What This Is

03.27.12 Marina Galperina

A mystery! Actually, it should be quite obvious as you’ve probably touched one this morning. Well?

It’s a MetroCard. Woo.

For his new photo project Brand Spirit, NY-based Andrew Miller will take an object worth $10 or less, dunk it in white and scrub it free from all signs of brand labeling, presenting purely the form and contours of the thing. You’ll know what the thing is though, won’t you? Why? Because you know what a Tabasco™ bottle feels like when you’re plowing around for it drunkenly with your hand in the fridge or what a Sharpie™ feels like in your pocket. You can scope your brand of lighter out without reading the label. Try to guess the rest. Ahh, can’t help it, right? Miller is going to do one a day for 100 days. That’s a lot more ways to learn just how well you’ve been taught.