What do you make of all this stuff? Mexican-born artist Gabriel Orozco collected 1,200 various articles at a protected biosphere on the coastline of Baja California Sur which is simultaneously “a whale mating ground, whale cemetery and industrial wasteland.” The other half of the items came from a playing field near his residence.

The haul: Glass bottles with rusted caps and soggy strips of correspondence, barnacle-encrusted bricks, styrofoam, screws, decomposing oars, light bulbs, tennis balls, crap, trash, treasure…

The “asterisms” are organized meticulously organized in an OCD gradient of typological variations, all sprawled out neatly inside the Gugg.

Behold, civilization’s waste: Mostly trinkets to move and carry water. These are the themes of our lives? “Asterisms,” Gabriel Orozco, Nov 9 – Jan 13, Guggenheim, New York (All images: Design Boom)