Who’s Brett Cohen? In a word, he’s a nobody. But it doesn’t take much to turn a nobody into a Somebody. All you need is a couple of big guys wearing black (“bodyguards”) and some frantic dudes with cameras (“paparazzi”) and you’re pretty much set. Watch as Cohen dupes dozens of tourists and New Yorkers alike into thinking he’s some kind of hot shit celebrity, simply by traveling with celebrity accoutrements. Instantly, people are crowding around to have their photos taken with Cohen, and soon some actual paparazzi take note and start flashing bulbs at the smiling con artist. He literally cannot stop smiling at the success of his prank as various girls drape their arms over his shoulders and squeal—literally, they squeal. When asked if he knows who Brett Cohen is, pubescent kids look at the questioner like he’s crazy. “Yeah, I know who he is,” he replies as if he’s saying “Duh.” Another guy responds, “I think he’s awesome. I think he has a great future ahead of him.”