Italian Brooklyn-based artists Eva and Franco Mattes’s first solo show opens today in London, grouping their greatest hits — “the video game that kills people,” the Chernobyl carousel, the bits of famous artworks they’ve stolen from museums over the years, and, their newest, part two of The Others. The slideshow features 10,000 private photographs and videos poached from harddrives.

They weren’t hacked per se — all the victims of the digital plundering had misconfigured their file sharing program profiles leaving all sorts of bro mirror shots vulnerable for plucking. Essentially, they left the door to their bathroom self pic sessions wide open. No, they don’t feel bad, Franco says:

“The Internet runs on voyeurism and exhibitionism. All of us are members of this spectacle.”

This explains why the duo never felt bad for faking a suicide on Chat Roulette in their contentious piece No Fun. They were punishing (rewarding?) raw, shameless, guiltless voyeurism. Now, they’re punishing/rewarding exhibitionism. It’s “a celebration of daily life!”