Hail the Hand-Drawn Madness of the Unstoppable Death Machines Video

Every frame of the Unstoppable Death Machine’s new video “Do the Devo” was hand-drawn with ripping flesh, dinosaurs, rage faces, prismatic vomit and misc insanity. The video premiered at the Clocktower Gallery‘s MVT2 event to mad cheers.

So, all hail video director Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor, the brutal punk band’s Mike and Billy Tucci and the Clocktower Gallery. Words from Mike:

“Do The Devo” animated video project took the length of Nick Chatfield-Taylor’s residency at the Clocktower Gallery, which started October 1st and ended October 22nd. During that time over 160 people contributed, wither by animating a single frame, or a series of frames for a second or two second sequence. It was truly inspiring how many people were dedicated to being a part of creating s truly collaborative and large scale work of art. After Nick’s residency at Clocktower Gallery was over, we finished finishing backgrounds and minor touches at the Chicken Hut in between Hurricaine Sandy and Thanksgiving. It premiered on Wednesday Nov 28th, so doing the math quickly in my head it took about 57 days start to finish.

We wanted to do something experimental, interactive, and fun. I love all of Nick’s work, and his past music videos. We sat on a park bench one day discussed which song to use, and some concepts. A week later Nick said, “I have another idea…” And that was that. Nick’s vision and foresight saw this video through. He is half artist-extraordinaire and half mad-scientist. The perfect mix for a UDM video.

Big ups to hero Tod Seelie for helping them with the stills.

This is the box light table with the materials at the Clocktower on the super-packed premier night, minus much frolicking in the paper shavings.

(Photo: Marina Galperina/ANIMALNewYork)