HallowMEME: It’s exactly what it sounds like, an excuse for all internet junkies to dress up as their favorite meme, justified by its proximity to everyone’s favorite costumed holiday. Thanks to the creative folks over at Forced Meme Productions, the Bell House played host to the fourth annual HallowMEME Costume Party on October 25th. The evening was full of Bread Cats, Shamed Dogs, and our personal favorite, the surprise Stingray.

In case you were wondering costume contest winners were:

1st place: Honey Boo Boo (Lauren Thompson, who also won in a prior year as Three Wolf Moon)
2nd place: Ermahgerd Girl (Molly Templeton)
3rd place: 2/10 Would Not Bang (Andrea Hickey)

(Photos: Aymann Ismail)