Marina Abramovic’s Performance Center Will Be Like a Sci-Fi Movie

The other night, performance art superstar Marina Abramovic and MoMA PS1?s director Klaus Biesenbach talked plans for the Marina Abramovic Institute for the Preservation of Performance Art upstate and damn, it sounds grander yet. Grander than chairs visitors are to fall asleep in and be wheeled off by attendants into a special sleeping areas? Yes.

The idea of the institute is really a huge laboratory, Abramovic explained, showing off the white, glass-encased model house straight out of THX1138, where visitors will view durational performance art works, six hours to 365 days long. Forget that specially designed massage chair/wheelchair, there are chairs for human and spirit use” on quartz legs! You must, of course, relinquish your possessions upon entering, put on her signature white lab coats, and sign a contract that reads, “Give me your word of honor that you’ll spend two and a half hours in the exhibit.” How delightfully art culty!

The center will cost about $15 million to build, but Abramovic isn’t concerned about raising it herself. I feel like I have become a brand, like Coca-Cola or jeans. When you say Marina Abramovic, you know it’s about performance art — hardcore performance art. There you have it, the hardcore Marina Abramovic.(Image: OMA)