Rachel Freier of Borough Park is recruiting Hasidic women like herself who are interested in forming an all-female EMT service to serve Hasidic communities. Freier had attempted to join the Hatzolah Ambulance Corps as a volunteer, but was rejected because she is a woman. “I am not criticizing them in any manor, shape or form,” Freier told reporters, “but for the woman who prefers a woman, that option should be available.” The corps, which is to be called Ezras Nashim (Hebrew for “assisting women”), is “driven by the idea of women having an option of having emergency care during childbirth in a more modest fashion,” says Freier. In a community that pretty much forbids physical contact between men and women except during life-threatening situations, this could be extremely useful to some. She says dozens of women like herself have begun taking first aid and CPR classes so as to be prepared to join her ambulance service. (Photo: BitchcakesNY/Flickr)