With the basements, subway tunnels and NYC’s various urban veins still suffering from Hurricane Sandy floods, some more noxious than others, the city’s subterranean rat population is rising to the surface. No one knows just exactly how many rats reside in and under New York, but some estimates go up as high as 32 million.

Scared yet?

Don’t be. Many of them probably drowned. Science says, most don’t travel farther than 60 feet away from their place of birth under ground. Most probably floated off somewhere safer — rats are excellent swimmers — but they are not going to pounce out at you in masses, because they wouldn’t be swimming up any tiny pipes or to anywhere they’re not exactly sure they’ll end up.

If you do see a rat during the day time, expect tons and tons more nearby, underground. But don’t worry. Here’s a hawk eating a rat over a cracked, felled tree at Central Park. It’s like a buffet for them. Yes, hawks will save us.