Hear the New Single From Heene Boyz, Balloon Boy’s Metal Band

Where to begin? Falcon Heene, the then-six-year-old boy who made headlines in 2009 after his parents staged a hoax in which he supposedly was trapped inside a flying hot air balloon (but was really hiding in the family garage), is now the lead singer of a metal band. They’re called Heene Boyz, and “World of Warcraft,” their five-and-a-half minute lead single, is about exactly what you think it’s about.

The music video is the closest thing you’ll see to an IRL Tim and Eric bit, with Heene and two other boyz rocking out in front of greenscreened shots from the titular role-playing game. And at two and a half minutes in, just when your eyes glaze over and you’re lulled into complacence, Heene lets out a piercing, Ozzy-worthy shriek: “LEVEL EIGHTY-FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!”

It’s not too late to update your year-end lists, rock critics. Some other Heene Boyz hitz below: