Hello, New Internet Boyfriend Who Only Wears Lacoste Tracksuits, Sneakers and Fanny Packs

11.09.12 Marina Galperina

Thank you, dear internet, for fostering, nurturing and introducing to me this young gentleman in Some Eastern European Country*** and his fashion blog. It is amazing. The young man’s got major tracksuit game and he’s not afraid to show it.

See Survet chill on couch. See Survet pose introspectively in front of some graffiti. See Survet strut in his living room, a lackluster pastoral scene unfolding in his window.

Actually, in all seriousness, I shall never even attempt to achieve such levels of style cohesiveness. But for those of you who thought my nifty fanny pack friend is aborting my fashion cred, check that swag. What? Yeah, yeah. What.

*** UPDATE: Thank you, tipster: “I believe he is from a Flemish-speaking part of Belgium. The Belgian Dutch. But very, very Eastern Bloc looks ’bout this lad indeed. That’s the type you could get beaten by in some Lithuanian or Polish factory town.”