As the site of the Stonewall Riots of 1969, widely considered to be the symbolic beginning of the gay liberation movement in America, and as the center of NYC’s vibrant gay culture in the 1970s, Greenwich Village’s Christopher Street is an unassailable icon, both in New York and internationally. The street’s status as a landmark is so entrenched around the world that gay pride festivals known as Christopher Street Day are held all over Germany and Switzerland.

Now, one West Village man is seeking to make that landmark status official. Robert Ziegler, proprietor of Christopher St. bar Boots & Saddle and member of the West Village Coalition, has collected 200 signatures for a petition to be submitted to the City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission. “We want a walk of fame with pink triangles in the sidewalk to tell people how it all got started,” said Ziegler. Amazing.

Ziegler hopes to collect 2,000 signatures before submitting the petition. A spokeswoman for the Landmarks Preservation Commission has said the petition would be considered, and that a public hearing would be held before it is voted on by the commission and the City Council.

For those interested in showing their support, Ziegler will be taking signatures outside Boots & Saddle during Pride week, June 16-24. Do it!

(Photo: InSapphoWeTrust/Flickr)