Because why not? Gowanus-based artists Rainger Pinney and Jonah Emerson-Bell have been thinking for ages about how they should, like, really drop a baby grand piano from their 60-foot ceiling and document the experience in slow motion video. Right? As they put it, “There are some concepts that can be contained in writing and drawing, but there are others that are so big and so strange that they need to come to fruition and cross the boundary from the imagination into reality. This is one of those projects.” Enter their Kickstarter campaign, which ends in 15 hours and is doing remarkably well. Check out the video:

Didn’t that convince you? The piano is the champagne! Well, it doesn’t matter: it looks like their project is going to surpass its funding goals with or without your fifteen bucks. Quoth the artists, “We believe strongly that it is unjust to have something so potentially amazing and surreal as this trapped in the world of the cartoon,” and clearly, quite a few people agree with that sentiment. Good for them, I guess.