Behold: “Surgically removed human testicles, formaldehyde solution, 2x2x1 inches each.” These are artist Yishay Garbasz’s former parts, removed during her gender clarification surgery, jarred and titled Eat Me Damien. Damien can eat them at the Ronald Feldman Gallery’s group show on body and self-identity. But wait, there’s more.

A cohesive show: Rona Yefman’s fashion sessions with portraits of plastic masked, blonde wigged Martha Bouke, grandfather and Holocaust survivor who has “earnestly adopted, mentally and physically” a female persona.

And, appropriately, Man Ray’s portrait of Marcel Duchamp  as his female alter-ego Rrose Sélavy.

And, appropriately, Hannah Wilke’s hommage to Duchamp’s Sélavy’s Why Not Sneeze, Rrose Sélavy? ready made of caged sugar cubes. Wilke’s Why Not Sneeze…? is a ready made of her caged her Lymphoma prescription bottles.

It all connects. “Have We Met Before?” Group Show, Feb 18 – Apr 28, Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York