Did you move to New York City or were you born here? And if you moved, where did you end up living first? If you answered Midtown, Hell’s Kitchen, the East Village, or Morningside Heights, congratulations–you’re just like everyone else!

A new interactive data map from WNYC, the kings of interactive data maps, plots the areas to which new NYC transplants most often move. The vast majority come to Manhattan and some to-be-expected areas in Brooklyn, but there are a few beguiling exceptions. For example, the waterfront of Sunset Park West, an industrial area dominated by warehouses and shipping docks, is a New York newcomer hotspot, as is a five-block area in Brownsville and East New York.┬áThere’s also an map of international transplants, which paints a significantly different picture.

Next, I’d like to see a map of where the most lifelong New Yorkers live.