Here’s a Twitter-Controlled Roach Cyborg

12.28.12 Marina Galperina

See that little backpack? It tells the cockroach what to do. Dance, RoboRoach, dance!

Now, see, depending your personal level of repugnance with these semi-immortal critters, you may or may not be comfortable with this next part. Artist Brittany Ransom’s created the Twitter Roach for the sole purpose of finding out whether or not the roach can learn to ignore an overwhelming overabundance of external stimuli telling him what to do, like evolved humans do. Anyone can send the roach “instructions” by tweeting at @TweetRoach with commands like “#TweetRoachLeft” and #TweetRoachRight.” The signals are translated into stimuli and sent directly to the little bug’s antennae.

But before you get all PETA on robotic roach-control like last time, don’t worry. The roach only wore the tiny electronic mind-control backpack a bit at a time and could only receive one message every 30 seconds, so YOU PEOPLE couldn’t kill the poor bugger. The roach was display now at the “Life, in some form” art exhibition by the Chicago Artists Coalition.

Now excuse me while I steal this art, duplicated it and make a roboroach army to attack my enemies.