In 2010, with lots of pomp and fanfare, the LIRR’s newly renovated Atlantic Terminal Pavilion was opened in Downtown Brooklyn at a cost of about $108 million. The terminal–built out of limestone, granite and glass–was touted by the MTA as a shining jewel of the commuter rail system.

Meanwhile, two stops away, the East New York station was crumbling–and several years later, it continues to crumble. The top of the staircase on the eastbound platform is riddled with cracks and has the appearance of a disaster waiting to happen, but that’s not the only issue that needs attention. The pedestrian tunnel beneath the tracks reeks of piss, is poorly lit, and always littered with unsightly trash.

Although the cash-strapped transit agency is going through great lengths to spend $8 billion on the East Side Access project so commuters don’t have bear the indignity of arriving in Penn Station and can instead enjoy the majestic halls of Grand Central a few avenues away, there has been little improvement to the East New York station apart from the installation of arrival-time clocks on platforms.

Ignoring the new clocks, the entire station is a heap of neglect. And there doesn’t seem to be any impetus to even discuss the possibility of giving it a badly needed makeover. Perhaps some photo reminders will help convince the MTA? (Photos: Bucky Turco/ANIMALNewYork)