It was dumb when a handful of occupiers were doing it on Tuesday night and it was even dumber last night when another protester, egged on by some of his peers, took it upon himself to taunt a police officer with a donut at the end of a stick. It happened about a half hour after the NYPD moved in and put up the metal barricades at the foot of the steps on the southern end of Union Square and forced protesters to the sidewalk, a practice which has now become a daily ritual as police continue to implement a historically unenforced curfew.

And this wasn’t an isolated act of idiocy. Several attempts by other occupiers appeared to exacerbate what has already become a pretty tense standoff. A little before the midnight deadline, two protesters were all but begging officers to be arrested as they danced in a circle around white shirted officers, brushing up against one of the men. Then someone else lobbed a bottle at a group of cops as they assembled near the George Washington statue.

Earlier in the week, protestors dangled donuts from string-and-pole on several occasions or would toss donuts over the barricades in between the cops. Some even began incorporating the word “donut” into their chants. Some officers did crack a smile, but for the most part weren’t amused. (Although that appeared to have more to do with the act of waving a stick or tossing stuff in their direction, than getting personally offended by the d-word.)

Intentionally fucking with a police force that’s already become notorious for its overhanded response to all things Occupy just doesn’t seem like a wise short or long term strategy that is going to be in anyway beneficial to the movement. Most cops are dicks, that’s a given. But that doesn’t mean you need to be a dick, too.

Not all the protesters were encouraging this behavior last night. One young lady reprimanded the bunch.

“Two wrongs do not make it right. Put it away,” she said.