Isn’t that a lovely photograph?

It’s a shot of Wave Hill, in the Bronx neighborhood of Riverdale. It’s also a site that only about ten percent of the 51 million people who visit New York City every year will ever see, according to Crain’s New York Business. But new Bronx tourism director Olga Luz Tirado is looking to change that.

In a borough beset by serious image problems only intensified by things like infamous “underbelly tours”,┬átourists and residents in the other boroughs need to hear something about the Bronx other than “don’t go there”. Tirado is planning to give them that–she aims to get the word out on the Bronx, home to “7,000 acres of bucolic parkland, more than 40 museums, theaters and galleries; and its own Little Italy, otherwise known as Arthur Avenue.”

Tirado also hopes to secure Gray Line tour bus routes through the Bronx, along with a full fledged ad campaign to launch next year. Honestly, probably the best part about all this is that it isn’t a push to redevelop or gentrify the borough, but call attention to what’s already there. Which is quite a lot, it turns out.

(Photo: David Berkowitz/Flickr)