According to a newly released “pilot study,” there appears to be a “prevalence of hoarding disorder in individuals seeking help from eviction” in New York City. Using a sample group of persons who enlisted the assistance of the Eviction Intervention Services Housing Research Center (EIS),” a non profit community advocacy group, researchers found some interesting results:

“One hundred fifteen EIS clients were screened for HD. The prevalence of HD among those seeking help from EIS was 22% (clinician-rated) and 23% (self-rated), which is nearly 5 to 10 times greater than the rate of hoarding (2% to 5%) in the general population.”

That means “almost a quarter of individuals” dealing with eviction problems through this organization were afflicted with HD and “only about half of these individuals were receiving mental health treatment.” The authors of the paper say that “future studies are needed to determine whether HD treatment can reduce the risk of eviction and homelessness in NYC,” but we’ll go out on a limb now and say the likelihood is high.