Oh, Dennis, we missed you. Of all the character actors posing for pictures and tips on Hollywood Blvd, this Christopher Reeve lookalike is the best. And here’s California is a Place is back with their latest video bit about the man who’s been Superman for the last 19 years.

It’s a gem, from the beat to the soft-focus morning prep close-ups to the dramatic Ulrich Seidl style room shots featuring “Mrs. Superman” surrounded by the clutter of Dennis’s endless eBay’ed Superman memorabilia collection, to the dialogues about his personal flaws that he’s working on — “I can’t leap from buildings.” Etc.

If you missed it, see him in the documentary Confessions of a Superhero on Hulu and watch his friend Batman get into a fight and get hauled off by the LAPD. Tough life.

We love Dennis. Here’s a classic from ANIMAL favorite, LA photographer Shawn Nee. We love Dennis.