videoBrothers, filmmakers, viral-video makers de jour John and Richard Ramsey dug up their old home video tapes and added “directors commentary,” replete in staged pretentiousness and very funny stuff. Watch the “inciting incident that really establishes your character as the archetypical sniffling weak bully.”

Kudos for adequately mocking the enlightening/excruciating phenomena of “directors commentary” — “the scream is over the top here,” but it’s the “sound of pride leaving the body” —  chortle, chortle. Only, I’d much rather watch these than be subjected to a gaggle circle of critics overanalyzing Synecdocheto death on the DVD’s special features. It’s funny, but it’s not improv:

“It’s a mixture, with a definite outline. Then, we ran it a couple times to make sure we said what we wanted to say quickly so as to match the timing of the video.”

This little project also serves as a catharsis, it seems. These are some deciding moments — your “heartless mother” filming your brother beating you up or that time you danced along to “Lean on Me” in half-drag. Performance! Spectatorship! Reality vs. desire! There. That’s when it happened. That’s enough to drive a kid behind the camera, right?