Think Coffee is an unassuming coffee shop–exposed brick walls, chalkboard menus full of fancy espresso drinks, steady stream of college student regulars–but in 2009, the café inexplicably became a must-see destination for South Korean tourists. The reason? Think Coffee had been featured as a setting on “Infinite Challenge,” a wildly popular Korean reality show. Now, a tour group of 40 to 60 Korean sightseers hits the shop roughly once a week. In addition to sparking a tourist craze, the “Infinite Challenge” episode also led to the opening of three locations of the small NYC-based chain in Seoul. “Many people know this Think Coffee,” tourist Bongsup Kim told the New York Times. “The TV show is very special in Korea.”

Some days, the tourist crush is too big for the shop to handle. “If 50 people all order espresso drinks in 10 minutes, there’s no way we can make them all in time for them to catch a bus,” said barista Michael Crowder. “Once, a couple of ladies got left behind and they had to call the bus driver.”

(Photo: derekb/Flickr)