How To Get Your .NYC Domain

06.12.12 David Lumb

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN get a web address plz?) is moving forward with its plan to introduce a slew of new domains, ostensibly to ease the trials of wee would-be websites coming late to the .com game. Expect to see some professional domains (Google has applied for .google and .youtube) along with lolsy varieties like, y’know, .lol. But internet info/analysis company Neustar has been authorized by the City of New York to dole out .nyc domains in an aggressive campaign to gather businesses under the city’s domain brand. There’s a lengthy process to settle squabbles of who deserves to pay the $185,000 fee to rev up a domain (and $25,000 annually for a decade), but by 2013, WaPo says, the domains should be ready for business. Then you can worry about all the confusion when punks flood Google search results with .rofl and .pewpew versions of your web address.

(Photo: Apollo13Ma/Flickr)