Hear all about it, from top Beverly Hills dealer Mike Walzman and “Freeway” Rick Ross crack cocaine pioneer themselves. Framed like a “how-to” guide, this satirical educational film delves deep into the unwinnable drug war and the current socioeconomic conditions that drive the would-be labor force into the $400 billion a year industry. Lucrative? That’s putting it mildly.

“Let me help you help yourself.”

Other experts include key DEA and police reps, Curtis Jackson (on being a teen drug dealer), Susan Sarandon (on the benefits of some illicit substances), Eminem (on being hooked on legal meds), Russell Simmons, Adrian Grenier and more. Dir. Matthew Cooke’s How to Make Money Selling Drugs premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival and “builds a powerful case that drug policy needs rethinking, as current laws foster a violent criminal underworld reminiscent of the Prohibition era… For meaningful change to ever occur, people need to put down their bong pipes and get organized.”