Above photo: (A deluge at a World Trade Center construction site via @Reed Timmer)

Last night, Hurricane Sandy whipped through the area, wreaking all sorts of havoc and leaving dozens of apocalyptic-looking landscapes in its wake both during and after the storm. Remember, the photos you are about to view were all taken in New York City.

(A flooded Financial District via @Huffington Post UK)

(Cars bobbing in Lower Manhattan via @Mark Hughes)

(Giant ship washed up on Staten Island via @Michelle Charlesworth)

(Avenue U station on the N line in Brooklyn not looking good via Reddit)

(Breezy Point fires via @Jon_Eiseman)

(What’s left after Breezy Point fires via @Atlantic Wire/Photo: Frank Franklin II, AP)

(DOT truck drowned at “Battery Park underpass” via @Canning Andrea)

(Carousel in Dumbo submerged via @Nathalie Rothschild)

(Water logged soaked Bentley via @Casey Neistat)

(Bubble on the deck of the Intrepid protecting the space shuttle popped via @Emily Wilson)

(34th Street and 1st Avenue watered down via pelukinho)

(A blacked-out East Village via Dan Nguyen/Flickr)

(A building in Chelsea’s facade ripped off via @Meg Robertson)

(A tree in Brooklyn decimated a Range Rover in Fort Greene via Mike Sobo)

UPDATE: Additional photos below from ANIMAL’s Aymann Ismail

(Another angle of Space Shuttle Enterprise’s bubble that bursted aboard the Intrepid)

(A playground in Battery Park gets an unintended piece of new equipment)

(Lights out in South Street Seaport)

(Ronald was no match for Sandy)