I don’t really know what to make of this video, but I like it nonetheless. As near as I can tell, a photographer named Gaia Squarci was getting some take-out at a Chinese place near her house, when she met Reza Namazi, who insisted she come photograph his building. That appears to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship—or at least some kind of mostly-friendly relationship.

Namazi is a real estate agent—Squarci says “he buys spaces, he feels them, he sells them.” But more than that, he’s a bit of an eccentric. Contemplatively, Namazi stares off into the distance: “Real estate and fruit and vegetables and olive oil and cheese.” At another point, he declares “People. Energy. Space. I am everything. I am New York City. And you, maybe?”

This tender profile of a lovely weirdo seems sure to be only the first step of a larger project. In the video description, Squarci hints at a potential future collaboration, though probably a tense one. But I like this the way it is. What a weird week this must have been, following this guy around and capturing his weird little tantrums.

“I broke it a whole bunch of times, but I never lost it. My heart is what carries me forward.”