Tiny flying drones with computers on board could act as hard-to-destroy webservers, according to some fanciful daydreaming by piracy group The Pirate Bay:

With the development of GPS controlled drones, far-reaching cheap radio equipment and tiny new computers like the Raspberry Pi, we’re going to experiment with sending out some small drones that will float some kilometers up in the air. This way our machines will have to be shut down with aeroplanes in order to shut down the system. A real act of war.

Cheap drones have limited flight times at the moment, so it’s unrealistic–for now. As the price of drones approaches disposability and the built-in intelligence increases (including the ability to land on charging stations automatically), these sorts of flying robot swarms have the promise of providing mobile, decentralized infrastructure for all sorts: protest movements, police forces, news organizations, and more.

The skies of our cities will be very crowded over the coming decade, whether private or commercial drone operation is sanctioned by local and federal governments or not.