If You’re Black or Hispanic in NYC, Avoid These Places

The NYCLU has been busily analyzing the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk and have not only ascertained that cops have detained a record amount of people in 2011 (684,330 to be exact), but also distilled it down to the precincts responsible for the most searches. Since 87% of those persons stopped were black or Hispanic, here’s the neighborhoods non-whites might want to avoid when possible… even Williamsburg isn’t safe.

  • East New York, Brooklyn (31,110) 75th Precinct
  • Brownsville, Brooklyn (25,167) 73rd Precinct
  • Jackson Heights, Queens (18,156) 115th Precinct
  • South Bronx, Bronx (17,690) 40th Precinct
  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn (17,566) 90th Precinct
  • Upper East Side/East Harlem, Manhattan (17,498) 23rd Precinct
  • Soundview, Bronx (17,281) 43rd Precinct
  • Jamaica, Queens (17,152) 103rd Precinct
  • Morris Heights, Bronx (16,903) 44th Precinct
  • St. George, Staten Island (16,490) 120th Precinct

If stop-and-frisks work and help make the more safe as Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and his ilk have claimed, why is East New York, which ranked #1 on the list for the controversial searches, still one of the most dangerous places in all of NYC?