Why, hello art! It’s only been… what? Hours? Hours since Darwin, the Well Dressed Young Monkey was discovered at an Ikea in Toronto. And just as quickly a new meme was crossbred between the adorable lil ape and the worst restoration of a Jesus fresco of all time. Behold: From Halifax, Canada, the Ecce Homo x Ikea Monkey, aka “Ikeas Homonkulus” — an original 6″ x 6″ acrylic painting, the perfect “sacrilicious Christmas gift for anyone who loves monkeys, botched Italian artwork and The Internet.” And it’s only $35! But also, sold. Womp womp.

So, internet. I think we’re done here, yeah? Yeah, I think we’re done. Ok thanks Reddit bye.

The net trinket Overlayer now includes an Ikea Monkey filter. Ok thanks Ryder Ripps bye.

UPDATE: I totally bought it and gave it to my friend. It was magical. Thank you, Simone Manley.