In The Distant Future, Lots of Tourists Will Confuse Taxis With a Certain Subway Line

08.23.12 Joshua Rivera

Let’s all pretend that time travel exists, and that we can all jump into our Delorean/Police Box/Hot Tub and hop forward a few decades to take a stroll through the city. It would probably look a lot like it does now, except with less this, more that, and no Staten Island (most likely due to global warning, and not because we collectively agree that it’s pointless. Although replacing it with a giant theme park would be nice).

And taxis will all have this new official logo. A T inside a circle. You’re probably hanging your head right now, upset that the Powers That Be are dilly dallying with silly design things instead of just acknowledging that The Fifth Element did all the work for us and we’d all be better off just following through with that.

You’re probably also thinking that it’s just a stripped down version of the logo that was introduced a few years ago. Only with all the useful fare information that makes no sense taken away and placed on monitors inside the taxis, which means you’ll now have to get into the cab before realizing just how much rates have gone up and then suddenly have to use the bathroom real bad.

Oh, and Future New York will also have a T train. Which means no tourist will understand you if you decide to tell them to jump on the T. Come to think of it, that’s a pretty great future prank.

(Photo: Taxi and Limousine Commission)