ANTHONYFinally, someone made a short film about Anthony, the sweet looking old gent who sits outside his apartment near Tompkins Square Park as unsuspecting passerby strolls inside, mistaking it for an antique shop.

True story too. “What’s this then?” I asked, shuffling between shelves of clutter — trinkets, trumpets, exposed clockworks and old tyme figurines. “Why don’t you look around and tell me what it,” Anthony said, like he’s said to dozens before. So, no, it’s not a shop. Essentially, it’s an extended living room, extending out to the street where Anthony sits on a chair in the summers as Jazz floats from his open door. Maybe it’s insane that that cold evening of 2000-something, I ended up playing Street Spirit (horribly) on his piano in the back multi-dwelling-purpose room as his cat cuddled into my coat on the chair. Yeah, no, not weird at all. Anyone been?

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