Apparently, Russians Rus-wide are the grips of the End of the World panic, buying up salt by the tons and many, many, many candles. But as hard-partying Chechen dictator leader Kadyrov points out: “Does no one realise that once the end of the world comes, candles won’t help them?”

Good point, Kadyrov. Good point.

That is why there is Bunker 42, Russia’s most elite destination for all your End of the Times partying needs. A ticket to spend 24-hours around the alleged Mayan-predicted grand world finale down there will run you a cool $1000. That is, if you want the budget bunk. You do not want the budget bunk.

What you want is the VIP room! Seen above in a new video from RTN, it looks like… Space Scarface. Originally, it was designed to house Soviet leaders if the Cold War went BOOM. It is 65 meters underneath the center of Moscow. It’s been opulently swagged out for the doomsday-a-thon-fest-partay-woooooooo. For a mere 1.5 million rubles ($49,000), it’s yours, playa! The underground party’s organizer Alexei Pavlovsky explains:

A lot of many people would feel much calmer if they could spend this critical day surrounded by maximum comfort and safety.

You don’t get it. It’s a Russian thing. Like the head of Russia’s Association of Independent Psychiatrists laments:

There are people who are prone to mental epidemics and I think that most of them are in our country.