In this morning’s useless inventions news, we have German designer Markus Gerke‘s concept for sunglasses that have Instagram filters built right into them. Design Taxi has this sneak peek of the innovative facial accessory. The lenses are to have a 5-megapixel camera allowing the wearer to take a photo of whatever it is they happen to be seeing, and in so doing, turning your life into an imitation fake Polaroid. Now you can look like you’re casually readjusting your sunglasses, when, in fact, you’re capturing a moment forever in such a way that your children will think you were born in the 1960s. And for those social fanatics among us, the glasses are to be equipped with wi-fi, so you can instantaneously upload your vision onto the Instagram app. Great. So soon I’ll have to look at every single cup of tea every single person in the goddamn universe has ever looked at.