Interactive Starry Night

02.15.12 Marina Galperina

starrryHere’s a nifty “interactive” animation of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, with the individual patchy lines of paint swirling and slithering around, no drugs needed. Don’t you want to touch it? Yes, you do.

Yes, I said “drugs.” Ooh. If you ever find yourself so mesmerized, don’t feel self-conscious or lowbrow, friend. Kurasawa himself wanted to climb inside the painting for a trip around Van Gogh’s oeuvre

The fun part of this Petros Vrellis’ demo comes later in the clip, as he points and paws at the flowing landscape, swirling the sky up with his finger into a flat volcano pattern, swooshing it aside into Gerhard Richter-esque swatch and watching it suck itself slowly back into the mini cyclones snagged by the stars. Ooh.