WNYC reports that Manhattan is on track to get its first “Slow Zone,” a designated 20 mph area complete with speed bumps, signs and 20 fewer parking spots. It will debut in Inwood, on streets that cars normally buzz as shortcuts to the George Washington Bridge, blocks east of Broadway from West 218th down to Riverside Drive near Dyckman Street.

The NYC DOT describes Slow Zones as a “community-based program that reduces the speed limit from 30 mph to 20 mph and adds safety measures within a select area in order to change driver behavior.”

Because we all know that the easiest way to murder someone in New York City is to hit them with a car, these Slow Zones actually sound like a good idea.

The blogosphere is buzzing today about the recent lawsuit that Jacob Stevens is filing against the NYPD for failing to investigate’s his wife’s brutal death when an unlicensed driver hit and killed her.

As Streetsblog reports, “The difference between an accident and a felony is whether NYPD investigates,” said Stevens’ attorney Steve Vaccaro. “When they don’t, it’s an ‘accident.'”