Cool New Kickstarter Will Make It Easier To Get to Shindigs Using iOS 6

07.27.12 Joshua Rivera

Most people these days use smartphones to get around the city. If they want to get somewhere, they pull out their iPhone/Android/Windows phone, open up Google Maps, and they’re off.

However, Apple’s iOS 6 update will remove Google Maps support from the iPhone, and make navigating on foot, bike, bus, or train that much more cumbersome.

Developers Open Plans are hoping to release a new iPhone app that will fix that. Called OpenTripPlanner Mobile, the free, open-source app will “offer coverage for almost all transit systems in North America”, and will help navigate via bike, bike share, transit, on foot, or–this is the cool part–any combination of the bunch.

Personally, I use an atlas and compass. Of course, that’s not really true–I have a flip phone from which I text myself addresses. But you’d think I did, with some of the looks I get in these parts.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go reset my sundial.

(Photo: angellea/flickr)