Is This Lady a Traffic Hero or Villain?

The ANIMAL offices are only a stone’s throw from the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, and so every weekday, like clockwork, hundreds of cars bound for New Jersey occupy the surrounding streets like an invading horde. This onslaught of vehicles, complete with a cacophony of impatient horn honking and wanton rule breaking, clog intersections, creating an epic clusterfuck on the daily, bringing 11th Avenue to a standstill. But yesterday at around 5:00 PM, one person decided to take the matter into her own hands by playing the part of an amateur irate traffic cop. Watch as she feverishly tries to direct drivers through red lights and barks at anyone who doesn’t listen to her in an attempt to get the SUV she was a passenger in moving on West 43rd Street. While there’s no denying her motives were mostly selfish and her obnoxiousness clogs the brain like CO2 emissions, there is something to be said about direct action and perhaps her ranting will prod the DOT (and the NYPD: see comment below) into doing something, anything. Glass half-full people.