Though the MTA got most of the subway system running in astonishingly good time after Sandy, some lines are still not up–namely, the span of A Train that goes through the Rockaways, and the stretch R Train that crosses the East River and downtown Manhattan. We already knew that the A Train was going to be down for a while–its bridges over Broad Channel were heavily damaged–but the transit authority just announced that R service will be out for weeks as well.

The Montague Street tunnel, which houses the train connects Brooklyn Heights with the Financial District, suffered the worst flooding damage of any passageway–water reportedly filled the tunnel from floor to ceiling. Remember that insane video of flooding at the Whitehall Street station? This is where that water was coming from.

Fortunately, the N and Q are still running across the river, and the N is making local stops in Brooklyn to make up for lost R service.

(Photo: Bitch Cakes/Flickr)